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Bombón, my day care dog


Bombón, my Maltese dog that has separation anxiety, LOVES coming to Judy's house for Petcare.It's such a relief to me to know he is happy and safe with her. He is ALWAYS excited to get to her house. I can go to work knowing he is in good hands. Bombón loves to go out to her backyard and play with the other dogs. He likes to follow her around where she goes and take naps next to her. I had taken Bombón to other pet sitting places in Madison, and I could tell Bombón wasn't happy. I'd leave to work feeling guilty. I found Judy's business online almost two years ago and I am so grateful for her and her wonderful services. Her home is a second home for Bombón. I strongly recommend A1 Petsitter!!!

Sweet Ollie


Ollie has been going to Judy for over a year and he loves it there! She has been so reliable and wonderful for us. Definitely recommend for anyone looking for a dog sitter!


Kind Words from Simon and Jason


I have been taking my beloved pup Simon to Westside Petsitter for the past several months and I would trust no one else besides Judy.  She takes such good care of him and he happily jumps out of the car each morning.  She has a very nice house where the dogs are free to roam around as well as a large fenced in back yard,  She is very open to my sometimes hectic schedule and I feel so comfortable with Simon being at her house with her and her dogs.  I tried some of the other commercial dog sitters in Madison and they do not come close to the amount of care and attention she provides.  I am so thankful I found her!

Love, Simon and Jason


Dogs love coming to Judy's home


For several years now we've been bringing in our lively Westie, Josie to stay with Judy when we travel. Judy is a diligent pet sitter who clearly loves animals. And Josie clearly loves Judy. As soon as we're near Judy's neighborhood Josie's tail begans to wag. By the time we have reached Judy's home, Jose is leaping with excitement. Judy lets Josie do all of the things that make her happy, including watching TV and lots of cuddling. We never have to worry whether Josie's getting her meds or special pet food or enough exercise. We would never consider leaving Josie at a kennel, where she is caged most of the day, when she can be frolicking at Judy's. Really, it's such a relief to know Judy is always there for us and our adored little dog.

- Judy Mitchell



I give my pets a lot of attention and care


The first time we were planning a vacation, it was hard for me to come to grips with the fact that our beloved, Golden Retriever, Cookie, would have to be kept in a cage. After all, that is how it is done at most boarding facilities. Lucky for us we found the A1Westside Petsitter! Cookie is able to roam Judy's house, sleep in the bedroom, run in the fenced in back yard, and generally have a good time. We feel that our dog has a bit of a vacation while we are on vacation. We never worry about her once she is in the care of Judy. We feel very fortunate to have found the A1Westside Petsitter and highly recommend her.

- Andrea Roth


Judy has been a wonderful help to our family. Our dog loves to go for a walk with her and has stayed at Judy's home when we are out of town. She has also done a great job taking care of our bird and cat. It's great to know that are our pets are being well cared for and getting special attention from Judy.

- Rise Futterer


I love boarding dogs in my home where they can roam freely


Lucy says it all when she gets very excited when she realizes she is going to Judy's. Judy clearly loves animals, is very professional, and takes her responsibilities seriously. She has a very dog friendly home and yard, and two dogs of her own who enjoy playing with my dog. I know I don't have to worry when Lucy is with Judy.

- Mary Nick


Andy, my bichon, always loves to come to Judy's house. He loves the large fenced in back yard, and enjoys playing with her jack russell terrier. They play fetch, tug of war, and chase the dog. He has the run of the house and feels very comfortable at Judy's place. It's kind of his home away from home!

- Betty Schmidt


I have a 2 1/2 year old Rescue Boxer boy, had him for 3 Month. He does have a few problems like separation anxiety, counter surfing, eating garbage and anything else available without supervision. Hated to put him in a Kennel, afraid it would make things worse, other than that a very sweet but energetic young Boxer. Judy was just great with him, did have him in her bedroom the first night after that he was good in his crate. You could really tell she loves dogs and the dogs feel it too. He really liked the fenced in yard to run in and play with the other dogs. I would take him there anytime and Judy said she would have him again, that made me feel good. 
Thank you, Thank you Judy! I really appreciated all you did to make Kaiser feel like it is home away from home.
Thanks again,
-Ingrid and Kaiser the Boxer


My cat loves Judys visits


Bootsie, my cat, loves it when Judy comes to visit. She waits in the front hall while Judy does the necessary chores and then playtime begins. She loves to be petted and play with toys attached to a string. She also loves the treats that she gets. Both Judy and Bootsie have fun.

- Mary Sara



Judy Schrader is just the best petsitter.  On her homepage she says she is "responsible, reliable, honest and friendly" and I couldn't agree with her more.  My wonderful cat Teddy always enjoys her visits and sits at the top of the stairs waiting when she comes.  Judy is very careful to feed Teddy a special diet as he is 17 years old.  Nakoma is a fortunate neighborhood, and for those of us who live in nearby areas, we feel lucky that she is willing to drive a bit further to take care of our beloved pets.  I also must add that Judy has excellent communication skills (with people and pets) and a sense of humor as well.  I already have her vacation dates on my calendar so I can plan trips around those times she's out of town.  Your friend, Susan


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