A1 Westside Pet Sitter
A1 Westside Pet Sitter

Judy of A1 Westside Pet Sitter in Madison Loves Pets.

Seventeen Years of Experience and an Ideal Dog and Cat Environment Makes A1 Westside Pet Sitter a Fine Choice to Care for Your Pet.

My name is Judy, the A1 Westside Pet Sitter and Boarding person in Madison, and I've been a pet sitter for over 17 years. I love animals and bond easily with them. I live in Nakoma and my kennel has a large, fenced-in back yard for them to run and play.

I am responsible, reliable, honest and friendly, and have excellent references from over 17 years of experience.

A1 Westside Pet Sitter and Pet Boarding can provide boarding, pet sitting, doggy day care and cat care.

Judy is reviewed in Angie's List.  

Judy is also listed in the Yellow pages, the Nakoma newsletter and Craigslist.


Judy is on Facebook.


Judy is Featured in the Nakoma Neighbors Magazine, with a large photo on the cover, and an article within on her pet sitting business.




Below is a list of awesome references:

  • Mary Nick 445-8595
  • Mary Sara 276-7887 *
  • Rise Futterer 231-1170 *
  • Andrea Roth 849-5357
  • Susan Schwab 238 -3880 *
  • Don Friedlich 280-9151
  • Lorraine Meisner 233-367
  • Jason Kirk 254-368-6441
  • Aaron Zamzow 612-220-8175
  • Emily Nachtigal 605-310-5791
  • Trevor Everett 785-727-9748

* is for cat people


Covering the entire Westside of Madison and surrounding areas



Make an appointment today! I am available anytime, even on holidays!!

Please call: 608-274-4835 HOME*

                  608-205-7540 CELL

Email me at or use our contact form.

*Please call HOME phone number first.

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A1 Westside Pet Sitter

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